The lie we live

Before I start I would just like to say that I have never written anything like this before but after a few years of extensive research into Ancient & World history, Religion, Politics, Philosophy, Science, Extraterrestrials and so called conspiracy theories there is one thing I am certain on.


The world is controlled by an self proclaimed elite oligarchy bloodline that consisist mainly of members of our political, educational and financial system.

I won’t go as far as saying they might not even be humans because thats enough to put any reader off;)

All I ask is for an open mind and to do your own research.


I’m going to start with just a few facts.

1.7 Trillion Dollars on average each year is spend on weaponry and military forces. With Obviously demonised America ranking up on top with China and Russia just behind.

Money is composed of 25 percent linen and 75 percent cotton.
Yet it controls us. (Research The Federal Reserve).

Most foods are chemical hazardous junk filled with Nurotoxins, Artificial sugars, and basically genetically modified poison. Poisons that cause cancer and other major illness. An example that if found in most fizzy drinks is Aspartame.

(Please Research)


Cannabis has also been proven to cure numerous diseases and illnesses! Including cancer!. Yet. It’s illegal in most countrys all over the world. There has also been known cases of people being sentenced for self medicating themselves with cannabis.

But nearly 88,000 people (approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women) die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the United States alone. Yeah but that’s okay because it’s legal and taxable.



There are hundreds upon thousands of fruit, vegetables and plants that have pure and brilliant natural health benefits. Yet we rely on our doctors and the pharmaceutical industry to cure us. An estimated 500 million pounds are spend on painkillers each year in the UK alone.

But Painkillers, tranquillisers and drugs like this have been proven to kill more people than heroin and cocaine.

Daily we brush our teeth with toothpaste. Yet little do we know how bad it really is for us?


There are loads of natural toothpaste recipes online.


We can afford War but we can’t feed the poor?

For years we have struggled due to Dictators and there greed.

Country’s all over the world are struggling for a Health Service, Schools, Collages, Community centres, Local authorities, decent & affordable housing, Jobs, opportunity’s, university’s, career prospects, renewable energy, cures, food, clothes, Water. Sadly the list goes on. It’s effecting everyone in different ways.

I mean!? Is it just me or shouldent these all be basic human rights and everyone should have the right to these? (Except the obvious murderers and pedophiles etc.) the technology that we have today no human being should be living a life like this, so much is achievable. Yet man is killing man.

Einstein. Edison. Whaaat? No you mean Nikola Tesla.


Nikola Tesla. The Truth About Unlimited Free Energy.

Still think we’re free?

Jobs are hard to come by. If you are working its long hard hours just for as little as minimum wage to survive while paying high taxes that we have no evidence of being pumped back into the community. The Majority are unable to afford normal day to day things. Yet we live in a society where the people blame the people!?


What about the people who are running the country? The Presidents, Prime ministers, Princes and whatever else they like to call themselves. (Demonic Dictators i prefer). They continuously stand up in power and promise upon promise to change things when really all they have done is turn the middle class against the lower class and so on. Is it really that unclear to see? (Divide & Conquer)

The small majority has turned most of humanity into judgementalists and racists.

We are a society that cares more for money, technology, cars, celebrity’s, and self-image. Instead of things like Love, truth, care and respect for ourselves and each other.

But rather than blame society, terrorism, immagration who should we really be pointing the finger at?


Media has also played such a massive role in manipulating and brainwashing us with there properganda and lies. Whatever is broadcasted on the news channels is only the stories they want us to hear. I mean take the EU referendum for example media and members of parliament have switched stories, changed minds, and broken promises. They always give us the option to vote but it never really matters.


I think it’s about time us we disconnect ourselves from this media brainwashing world and actually come together and find out the real truth and getting to core reasons for the problems in society and why and how it’s been created to be this way.

It’s slowly happening all around us. Our human rights are being stripped from under our very noses. The authority’s eye is always on us. Our social media accounts and cooperations know more about us than we do. All our data is used against us and worth alot to them.



Thanks for reading up to this point if you have.

I know my structure of information maybe a bit all over the place.. but I hope it’ll enable more to think outside the box and see that not everything is by coincidence and more by design.

Agenda 21 & The New world order

Can you see why September the 11th was so significant? The invasion and destruction of the middle East was also part of the plan. And it’s still going on today.

24 hard facts about 9/11 that cannot be debunked

Who really created so called ISIS, ISIL, Islamic state whatever they call themselves these days? C.I.A? Israel? America? Yes all of the above including the UK.

Ask yourself what was America and the UK really up to in the middle east for 14 ye

Heard of the Federal Reserve?

The New World Order (There Ultimate Plan)

Heard of Monsanto?

Monsanto: A Beginner’s Guide To The World’s Most Dangerous Corporation (2016)

Most influential secret society’s that have input and control on the modern day world –


These heartless money spending monsters with no emotions have the world in the palm of there hands only we have the power to change things.


Thanks for reading if you did. Please spread the word.

I wish everyone peace and I hope that more can seek the truth for themselves.

By Kearon Gwyn








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