The Awakening: Truth

Is there any hope for humanity?.

A question that I’m sure millions of us ask ourselves everyday.

We sadly live in a world were slavery, racism & poverty still exists. Food is poisonous and cancerous, the pharmaceutical industry kills, and the Goverment, local authority, & education system is corrupt. Everyday living costs rise while wages and pensions are cut while money is spent on war.


The reason is down to the world being controlled by a Mixture of Secret Society’s, & Governments who have control over the media & major banks that Lie, restrain us from freedom, commit war crimes, dictate our lives and silently kill us.

“The rich get richer the poorer get poorer.”

They lie through media, create wars based on deception, manipulate the people, create diseases and orchestrate world disasters. An example of this is invading a country on false pretences then creating and funding the rebel group ISIS.

War = Profit.

“Terrorism is the best political weapon, for nothing drives people harder than the fear of sudden death”.

“Secrecy, being an instrument of conspiracy, ought never to be the system of a regular government”.

Just imagine if the money that was pumped into things like wars and stupid nuclear powers went on things like Housing, education, and the health system?.
None of these problems would exist…

So many things are completely wrong on this planet and so much advanced technology, medicines and vital information in order for everybody to live a peaceful, sustainable and healthy life is being suppressed.

There is so many things that we are not being told. Like aliens and luceferic religion for example. Things that if discussed in a normal day society most would define as crazy or a ‘conspiracy theory’ but only the wise know better.

Yet this is only a small example of whats going on and many many others have awakened to the lies and luciferic ways of these people but I really think it’s time that more like minded people got together and shared this type of information as much as possible so we can all unite and prepare ourselves for the possible future they have planned for us.

We need to spread awareness to not only to protect ourselves, but our familys and friends as much as we can now. Who knows what’s around the corner.

Below are just an example of some areas to research in order to find the truth.

1) Silent Killers – FDA (Pharmaceutical Drugs) Monsanto, GMO, & Effects of fluoride, deadly Vaccinations, and microchipping.

2) How they profit – The Federal Reserve Banking system, 9/11 Truth, (Backed by Scientific evidence) & the Iraq war truth.

3) The Pienal gland (The spiritual gland). Why are governments purposely trying to destroy it?.

4) The New world order & Secret Society’s.

5) The HAARP system & Chem trails.

 6) CERN and the God particle. Recreating the big bang.

There are so many other crazy things going on and right now and things we do not have control over but at this present moment in time we need to prepare ourselves. We are literally witnessing World war 3 unfold before our very eyes. Then theres Weather disasters happening everywhere. Some unexplainable like the oily black liquid that dropped from the sky in America. Theres people fleeing war, mass shooting and riots. Microchipping, CERN’A recent sacrifice video ah the list does really go on.

(All info in this article can be found on YouTube and various sources from the web).

We thought the holocaust was bad? What the demonic, zionist elite have in store for us with the new world order is mass murder and control on a scale that’s never been done before.

Please share and research with friends and family, the truth needs to get out.

Jfk “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind”. 

By Kearon Zodi

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